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Intro 19/12/2009

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We have decided to do an experiment in 2010. The aim of this experiment is to consume less. And for all essential consumption, to consume as sustainably as possible. We will start this experiment from January 1st 2010 onwards. This blog will be a journal of this experiment. We will share our experiences with consuming less and consuming sustainably. We expect to encounter many decision points and many dilemmas and we would like to discuss these via this blog.

Today is the first day of both of our Christmas holidays. We will use the remaining days of 2009 to think up the rules for our experiment. We do not want to live our lives rigidly next year, but we also want to prevent ourselves of falling down the slippery slope of making exceptions all the time. So in the coming days we will think of as many elements of our lives that involve consumption (think food & drinks, travel, clothes, entertainment, …) and decide how we want to deal with consuming less and consuming sustainably for each of these elements. We would like to end up with a set of ‘rules’ we should be following next year, and also some idea of how to deal with exceptional situations.

The first few posts on this blog will be about the rules, but before that, we will try to put into words why we are doing this experiment in a post about our motivations.



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