Consumeless for a year

A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

Waste 22/12/2009

Because the city of Maastricht has a waste system where the amount you have to pay depends on how much you waste, we have been trying to reduce and separate our waste for a long time already. We pay € 1 for each garbage bag we use (we have to buy special Maastricht garbage bags, other bags are not allowed). Lots of waste can be handed in for free (e.g. glass, plastic packages, paper, metal, batteries, chemical waste) so we fanatically separate this waste from the residual waste. We use organic waste in our garden (we have a compost heap). The resulting waste we have to put in garbage bags is quite limited. We will try to reduce our waste as much as possible by following these rules:


  • Before we throw anything away, we try to reuse or recycle it ourelves.
  • We will separate waste that can be handed in separately: glass, plastic packages, paper, metal, old devices, chemical waste, batteries.
  • We will bring stuff we don’t want to have anymore to the 2nd hand store.
  • We will take bags with us so we don’t need any more bags (e.g. in the supermarket).
  • We will adopt a ‘paperless office’ workstyle as much as possible.


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