Consumeless for a year

A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

Food & drinks 19/12/2009

Food & drinks appeared to be quite an extensive category which posed some difficult decisions. For instance, do we allow ourselves to eat sweets and snacks? Strictly speaking, we don’t need sweets and snacks. On the other hand, our aim is to apply consuming less and consuming sustainably into our lives, which does include eating sweets and snacks… As a solution, we introduced the do-it-yourself principle here: sweets and snacks (including deserts) are allowed, as long as we make them ourselves. The rules:

  • We prepare food ourselves.
    We avoid prefab food as much as possible. If this is not possible, we choose products with as little ingredients and e-numbers as possible. Also, we try to avoid products with unfamiliar ingredients.
  • We do not go out for food & drinks.
    This means no breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks in cafes and restaurants. If we really have no other option but eating/drinking out, we try to order organic, seasonal and locally produced products.
  • We use sustainable products.
    Sustainable includes vegetarian, home-grown, wild, organic, seasonal, local and no or little (recycleable) packaging.
  • We follow the ‘Praktisch Idealisme‘ ranking of food products (most environmentally friendly products on top of the list):
    1. fresh, field-grown food from the Netherlands
    2. canned food
    3. food in pots
    4. fresh, field-grown food from Southern-Europe
    5. dried food
    6. frozen food
    7. fresh, greenhouse-grown food from the Netherlands or Europe
    8. fresh food from outside Europe, transported by plane
  • We do not buy sweets and snacks (including deserts). We can make them ourselves of ingredients we have in stock. If we have guests for dinner, we want to be hospitable, so we are allowed to buy special ingredients for sweets and snacks (we do have to make them ourselves however).
    When making sweets and snacks, the rules about preparing food and using sustainable products apply.
  • We do not waste food.
    This means making sure we use ingredients before they go bad and finishing left-overs on time.
  • We only open a bottle of alcohol in the weekend or when we have dinner guests.
    The rules of sustainable products apply.


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3 Responses to “Food & drinks”

  1. Anne Says:

    Wow… dat lijkt me best wel lastig, maar… zo eet je tenminste wel echt eten, wat meestal ook nog het lekkerste is! Ik ga m’n best doen als jullie komen eten…
    Groetjes Anne

    • Karin Says:

      Ha ha, zoals gezegd eten wij gewoon wat de pot schaft als we komen eten hoor, maar als jullie mee willen doen met duurzaam koken dan stellen wij dat natuurlijk wel enorm op prijs!

  2. Anne Says:

    Vind het wel echt goed initiatief… Het is dat het nu zo druk is met Meike, dat ik weinig aan echt koken toe kom (heb zelfs een boek gekocht: ‘no time to cook’, met gezonde snelle dingen…). Denk dat Meike de enige is die hier sustainable eet (is toch soort van ge-recycled eten…).
    Groetjes Anne

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