Consumeless for a year

A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

Energy 19/12/2009

We already try to use as little energy as possible. The rules:



  • We only use the heating when we are at home.
  • We only heat rooms that we are in.
  • We heat up to 18°.


  • We don’t use hot water unless we really need it.
    We need hot water e.g. for doing the dishes and cleaning, but not for washing our hands.
  • We don’t waste water.
    E.g. if we need hot water, we use the cold water coming out first to fill the water boiler, coffee machine or watering can.


  • We switch off devices when we do not use them.
    Communication devices (like (mobile) phones are an exception to this rule).
  • We do not leave devices in stand by mode, but switch them off completely.
  • We take (charging) adapters out of the electricity sockets when not in use.
  • We replace light bulbs by energy saving light bulbs.


  • We use rechargeable batteries when that is more energy efficient.


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2 Responses to “Energy”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Oh, and another question.

    What about so called green electricity and gass, is that something you already do?


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