Consumeless for a year

A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

Clothes 19/12/2009

We really don’t need to buy any clothes in 2010. We have enough. So the rules are fairly simple:

  • We don’t buy clothes, unless a piece of clothing is damaged beyond repair and we really need a new one (let’s say a winter coat, or hiking shoes) or unless we’re short of basics (like underwear).
  • For all clothes we need to buy, the sustainability rule applies.
    Sustainable includes: 2nd hand, organic, ecological, fair trade, local, recycled, rycycleable, repairable, reuseable, animal friendly, with no or little (and recycleable) packaging, long expected durability.
  • If we buy a new piece of clothing, we first check the sustainability of the product and the brand (see blog post ‘Inspiration’).


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2 Responses to “Clothes”

  1. wichard Says:

    @not buying clothes. Ik zou zeggen: meld je aan op 🙂

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