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Interesting links 19/12/2009

Here we will provide a list of websites that inspire us in consuming less and consuming sustainably. We will add more websites on the go.


English websites:

  • The Story of Stuff is a a 20-minute film about the real costs of our consumer driven culture—from resource extraction to iPod incineration. Made by Annie Leopard. Insightful film about consumerism and sustainability.
  • An inspiring and also very beautiful website is National Geographic’s Green Guide. It offers lots of information and practical tips for green everyday living. Especially the section on personal care and food (there’s a ‘label decoder’!) and the ‘room-by-room’ pages with home and garden tips (e.g. about decoration, cleaning, furnishing) are interesting. And there is a page with tips for the season.
  • Via BookCrossing you can tag a book you’ve read and leave it anywhere for someone else to find. On the website you can keep track of its whereabouts. Whoever finds the book kan take it and read it. A sustainable way of sharing books!
  • The New Economics Foundation approaches economics “as if people and the planet mattered”. Their website lists various projects, events and publications, amongst which the A Bit Rich report, looking at the value of work in terms of professions’ contribution to society.
  • is a website with eco-friendly information for home owners. It gives lots of news and tips about eco-friendly and sustainable products relevant for home remodeling. Think topics like appliances, floors, bathroom, paint, windows/doors, etc.
  • Fairfood is an organisation committed to improvement of working conditions across the globe, putting an end to environmentally damaging practices and making trade sustainable. The online Food Guide provides consumers with an opportunity to make relatively sustainable decisions in supermarkets. Moreover, Fairfood maintains an (online) platform enabling anyone to voice their opinions, thus promoting increased levels of food sustainability. Fairfood’s website includes news, facts and tips to eat fair.
  • Although our aim is not to reduce our impact on the environment to zero, Colin Beavan’s No Impact Man project is fantastic! He and his family attempted to live without making any net impact on the environment for a year (“In other words, no trash, no carbon emissions, no toxins in the water, no elevators, no subway, no products in packaging, no plastics, no air conditioning, no TV, no toilets…“). Their website is full of information, tips and inspiration.
  • The Simplicity Resource Guide is the website of Linda Breen Pierce, who wrote books about ‘voluntary simplicty’, which is “a way of life that addresses the yearning for a slower pace of life with more time for joyful relationships, fulfilling work, and living one’s dreams”. On this website, lots of resources can be found about this lifestyle, aiming for limiting material possessions to what you really need.
  • New American Dream is a centre that helps Americans to consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice. Their website is full of information about the centre’s activities and campaigns, but also provides plenty of information, tips and links to publications.


Dutch websites:

  • is the Dutch version of BookCrossing (see above).
  • Via Biogids, an initiative of Biologica, you can find shops selling organic products and restaurants with organic dishes in your neighbourhood. There is an iPhone app as well!
  • Biologische aanbiedingen collects all organic products that are on sale in Dutch supermarkets into one overview.
  • The blog Eetbaar wild by Laurette van Slobbe is about edible wild plants. She explains what wild plants are edible, how to recognize and to find wild plants and, most importantly, how to prepare the plants.
  • Stichting De Kleine Aaarde is a Dutch organisation promoting a sustainable lifestyle. On their website are very practical tips and solutions for making your house, transportation, food, holiday, etc. more sustainable. The ecological footprint is an important principle of the work of De Kleine Aarde.
  • Zuinigheid met stijl is a Dutch organisation advocating a sober and simple way of living in which consuming less is central. They provide courses, workshops, books, local communities and a pretty website with tips and tricks.
  • De ConsuMinderMan is a Dutch television show of the Dutch public broadcasting company LLINK. LLINK creates programmes with themes in the field of human and animal welfare, environment and ecology, global awareness and sustainability. De ConsuMinderMan is a show aiming to inspire people to live more sustainably by offering practical solutions on how to make a difference.


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6 Responses to “Interesting links”

  1. Emil Möller Says:

    Prima actie.

    Heb je media-aandacht?
    Ken je ?

    Ik ben bezig met, en een heuvelwoon-project in de gemeente M’tricht (short cut naar Transition Town)



    • Karin Says:

      Dag Emil,

      Bedankt voor je reactie! Voor media-aandacht is het wellicht nog wat vroeg, we moeten eerst maar eens beginnen ;-)! De Paradox Nights ken ik, maar ik ben er nog niet geweest. Het past absoluut in onze plannen voor 2010 en aangezien de tv de deur uit gaat is dit natuurlijk wel aantrekkelijk!

      Je heuvelwoon-project klinkt interessant, als je daar meer informatie over hebt dan houden wij ons aanbevolen!

      Groet, Karin

  2. Emil Möller Says:

    lange posting (copy paste email iz stand v zkn heuvelwonen) wordt niet weergegeven..

    • Karin Says:

      Ha, goed dat je het opmerkt. Ik heb een contact form toegevoegd (pagina rechtsboven), daar moet je denk ik de tekst wel in kunnen plakken.

      Groet, Karin

  3. Landelijke Genoegdag 20 maart 2011
    Klasse Theater (Voorheen Theater Zaal 16)
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”-
    Margaret Mead.

    Een groeiende groep nederlanders heeft meer mét doen-denken dan met doem-denken!
    Spreekt dit gedachtegoed je ook aan?
    Kom dan op zondag 20 maart naar de derde Landelijke Genoegdag.
    Locatie Klassetheater: Carre 16 – (oude Theater Zaal 16).
    Op deze dag staat praktisch idealisme centraal.
    Voor mensen die bewust willen consumeren!

    Meer weten over consuminderen, consumanderen, bewust consumeren.
    20 maart is Tilburg voor de derde keer gastheer/dame van de Landelijke Genoegdag met
    een veelzijdig programma.
    et theatercafé van Klasse Theater is om 11.00 uur open, koffie en thee staan voor u klaar (tegen betaling ;-)).
    Als u van buiten Tilburg komt kunt u met het Boekenweekgeschenk op 20 maart gratis reizen met de trein.

    Reserveer alvast in je agenda!
    Bereikbaarheid: 25 minuten wandelen van Centraal Station Tilburg.
    Locatie: Carré 16,5017 JE,Tilburg

  4. PS: qua link is een mooie erbij te zetten.
    Stichting zuinigheid met stijl is opgeheven.

    Godelieve Engbersen

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