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A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

Reusing bike tubes 21/01/2010

Remote control with bike tube fix.


My colleague Dries sent me a link to a cool sustainable product: plattfuss, rubber bands made of recycled bike tubes. The funny thing is, that we already use bike tubes as rubber bands at home! The remote control of our tv. tends to fall apart every once in a while, so Eise cut a piece of an old bike tube to keep the device together. Easy as that, and even quite aesthetic. This also reminds me of my father, who used to mend flat bike tires by cutting out a piece of an old bike tube to glue on the punctured tube. I’m not sure whether he still mends his tires like this, or whether he uses those prefab patches now.





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2 Responses to “Reusing bike tubes”

  1. Cees (Karin's father) Says:

    I still mend flat tires with pieces of old bike tubes.
    For a short while I used prefab patches though, because they were included in a new repairset I bought. But after they were used I returned to the “old fashion” way. The results are the same or in some cases even better compared with prefab materials.

    • Karin Says:

      Hey daddy! 😉

      Good for you! I’m proud!

      Eise always uses the prefab patches, but I’ll try to convince him to use old tires too (have to admit, I still don’t mend flat tires, somehow, I’ve always had a man in my life doing that for me…).

      Cheers, Karin

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