Consumeless for a year

A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

Most sustainable lunch meeting so far 19/01/2010

Today I had a meeting with Stef,  whom I met in Brussels a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to discuss some mutual interests and possibilities for collaboration so we made a lunch date. Yesterday I sent him an e-mail to check whether we were still on for the lunch date and mentioned that I wouldn’t mind making another appointment if necessary because I try to bring my own lunch as much as possible (I briefly explained our consumeless experiment of course). Stef happily replied that he invited me to come over to his place so we could eat ‘bokes’ (sandwiches) together. And so we did. I brought my own lunch and we had a nice and constructive meeting. Interestingly, Stef and his family try to be self supporting with respect to energy. They almost manage to do so by using solar panels and a solar boiler!


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