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A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

The Story about Stuff – film 10/01/2010

Did you know that the food at the top of the food chain containing the highest level of toxic contaminants is human breast milk? That only 1 % of materials involved in product manufacturing and consumption is still in use after 6 months? That people today see more advertisements in one year than people 50 years ago did in a lifetime?

I didn’t.

In the book No Impact Man I read about a project called ‘The Story of Stuff‘. The Story of Stuff is a short film made by Annie Leonard. The film shows the real costs of “our consumer driven culture—from resource extraction to iPod incineration”. Although clearly aimed at a US public (referring to the happy presentation style here), this film quite closely explains our motives to consume less and to consume sustainably. We definitely like her way of thinking about consumerism and sustainability! See for yourself, some astounding facts make it worthwhile anyway:



According to Annie Leopard, most people’s main leisure activities are watching tv and shopping. So in that respect we are definitely going to change our lives this year!


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4 Responses to “The Story about Stuff – film”

  1. Pascal Says:

    Heel Amerikaans inderdaad, maar toch een briljant verhaal! Kan de PR-afdeling van Groen Links nog iets van leren… 🙂

  2. Pascal Says:

    O ja, en dat van die moedermelk zal ik maar niet tegen Anne vertellen… 😉

  3. I do not disagree with you!!

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