Consumeless for a year

A journal of a year of consuming less and consuming sustainably

Consumeless meetings – part II 05/01/2010

A short update of my experiences at work. Today I had another meeting with sandwiches, and guess what, not a single vegetarian sandwich! Meat and fish only! So I had a dilemma. Normally, I do eat fish, but I don’t eat meat. This year I wanted to eat purely vegetarian. I had two options (besides not eating anything at all, which was not an option): call the situation an emergency and eat fish after all, or remove the ham from a ham & cheese sandwich (with the obvious disadvantage of ham taste on my cheese sandwich). I chose the fish option, but I regretted it a bit afterwards. Next time I’ll remove the ham in the hope the persons ordering and delivering the sandwiches see it as a sign that not everyone likes to eat meat!

I did have the opportunity to make the right choice for drinks by the way. In the meeting room were loads of canned and bottled juices, sodas and waters, but also a thermos of coffee and a can of tap water. So I drank coffee and tap water! No waste.

Tomorrow will be a more challenging day. I’m flying to Italy for a meeting. I have a terribly long stayover at Rome, and I’m not allowed to bring my own bottle of water. I’ll bring lunch, but I’ll have to buy drinks and dinner I’m afraid. Let’s see what Rome Fiumicino airport has to offer in terms of sustainable food!


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5 Responses to “Consumeless meetings – part II”

  1. wolfshowl Says:

    Unfortunately, part of being a vegetarian is that group feedings tend not to think of us. Thankfully, that’s sort of changing, but one of the first tips I learned when I went veg 3 years ago is to always carry a granola bar with you just in case you’re in a situation like that one where there’s nothing you can eat.

    • Karin Says:

      Right you are! I get the impression that this ‘veggie neglect’ is even worse in Belgium (where I work). They are so meat-minded when it comes to lunch (and dinner, and probably breakfast as well ;-))!

      Nice blog template by the way :-D!

  2. Baukje Says:

    Hey Karin,

    Is het eten van pre-fab food niet in strijd met regel 1 van jullie eet-regels? En vallen de dilemma’s over non-veggie broodjes niet te vermijden door je eigen lunchpakketje van huis mee te nemen…?


    • Karin Says:


      Ja hoor, je hebt natuurlijk gelijk! ‘t Punt is alleen dat als ik naar een meeting ga, mensen rekening met mij houden bij het bestellen van de broodjes en als ik dan m’n eigen boterhammen meeneem dan blijven de voor mij bestelde broodjes liggen. Is ook weer verspilling….

      Ik zou natuurlijk van te voren kunnen aangeven dat ik mijn eigen brood meeneem, maar dat is ook weer zo ondankbaar… ‘t Voordeel is wel dat mensen die onze blog volgen nu al massaal (nou ja, een paar) aangeven veggie broodjes te zullen bestellen als ik kom!


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